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3 Things Recruiters Look For with Emeline


When conducting interviews, recruiters look for the 3 A’s:

- Attitude

- Adaptability

- Aptitude.

Your attitude is your personality; they want to know if they like you and want to spend 8 hours a day with you for the next 2 to 3 years.

Your Adaptability is your ability to fit in within the team, to carry the values of the organizations and to adapt to its processes. They want to know if you are flexible and coachable.

Your aptitude is your ability to perform the in the role, your skills and your competences. Let’s be clear, your attitude and your adaptability are more important than your aptitude as they cannot be taught.

About the host

Emeline is a Talent Development & Engagement expert and an Accredited Coach with a unique background in supporting individuals and businesses reach their full potential through customized solutions.

With over 12 years of experience in Human Resources, Learning and Development and Talent Management across several industries from start-ups to multinationals, Emeline excels in analysing and developing behaviours, skills, strengths, processes and strategies that support engagement, performance and excellence.

In 2016, she founded MomentuM Coaching & Consulting, an organization focused on supporting individuals reach their professional goals and organizations master Talent Management & Employee Engagement.

Emeline holds a Bachelor Degree from NEOMA International Business School in France with a major in Human Resources. She is also an Accredited Coach from the International Coach Academy and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Based in the UAE for over a decade, Emeline’s expertise comes with a deep understanding of the GCC region’s cultural and economic background.


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session host

Emeline Roissetter
Founder @ Momentum CC


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