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The Keys to Life with Kat Winny


th KatCreating the life you want to lead is not as difficult as it seems.
Here, Kat explains the simple three step process that led her to the career, home, lifestyle and relationships of her dreams.

About the host

Kat Winny is an expert on people, helping others to figure out what’s stopping you leading your dream life.

By identifying and working through any negative patterns and limiting beliefs you may have, Kat will help you overcome these to get clear on the life you want to lead, and become happier, healthier and more productive on the way there!

A horsewoman for over 20 years, Kat brings a new unique experience to personal transformation through Equus coaching. Working through a range of interactions and activities with horses, behaviour patterns that can take years to uncover often arise within a matter of minutes.

A trained hypnotherapist, Kat loves to incorporate hypnotherapy work to uncover and change blocks in the subconscious mind. This helps you identify the root cause of any behaviour and overcome fears, as well as giving time for deep relaxation.



  • 10/11/2019
  • 12:00


session host

Katherine Winny


  • Katherine

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