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Getting Back to Work with Archana


Women plan extensively when job hunting but fail to anticipate or prepare for challenges when they once again become part of the professional community. This session covers personal and professional challenges women would do well to prepare for.

About the host

Archana is a senior Human Resources (HR) professional with experience of working in some of the leading and most challenging global markets – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangkok, Shanghai, New York and Dubai. A psychologist by qualification, she chose to work as an “HR Business Partner” before transitioning to a consulting role.
She is working in Dubai since June 2016 and has extensive experience of assessing, training and coaching high potential managers of varied nationalities in this region.


  • Preetika

    Thanks Archana...My day is made by listening to your video today ;-)... Hope I am doing justice to job hunt.

    20th Sunday , 02:13 PM


  • 10/10/2019
  • 18:00


session host

Archana Bhatia
Senior HR Manager


  • Archana

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