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Get Ready For 2019: The Life Audit Workshop

  • 17/11/2018
  • 09:30
  • Vitality Co-Working Space - Jumeirah Bay X2, Cluster X, JLT


With less than 3 months until 2019, it's time to hit the ground running!

Have you taken the time to reflect on the year so far and measure how far you've come? Or how far you want to go next year and beyond? We've got you covered.

Join us for the life audit workshop from ORENDA+Bloom offers the opportunity to park some time aside to focus on your happiness in a positive, creative and supportive environment to sweep away the cobwebs and take action! 

Over the course of the day we will get intense, in-depth and impactful:

- This workshop will pay particular attention to evaluating your current relationships, your goals + dreams and deciphering them into categories, themes + varying levels of importance and urgency.

- You'll create a timeline so that everything is achievable...just not all at once.

- This will be done via group exercises, individual exercises, coaching and moments of genius and reflection

- You'll leave with clear, doable and manageable action points, for now, 2019 and beyond

- And coffee breaks and a tasty lunch to mingle and network will be included of course!

All this for less than the cost of a brunch...

Happiness doesn't just happen but with the right tools + the drive to make it happen, it can be closer than you think. 

ORENDA+Bloom is a gender balance and female development consultancy working with the private sector and with the public to provide opportunities to accelerate the ambitions of women in both their professional and personal lives. Past and current clients include, KPMG Lower Gulf, Emirates NBD, Mums@work and many happy private clients.

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