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Investing for Women

  • 26/06/2019
  • 07:00
  • Robinson Road, Singapore


Investing is a component of building your wealth. However, many women leave these decisions to the men. In Singapore, that number is 72%. Of the remaining 28%, 20% of women make the financial decisions and only 8% share that responsibility with their spouse. What people fail to consider is the problems that may surface should unexpected life changes occur (a divorce or if you became a widow). Many women wished they had taken control of their finances earlier and were more aware of how they can do more for their retirement.

But where do you start?

Join this Investing for Women seminar to learn about statistics on how women have traditionally left the financial decisions to the men and how doing so may be at your own peril. We introduce you to some key considerations you should take note of when making investment decisions and is a good foundation for our Core Beginner Seminars- Financial Planning Basics and Investing Basics.

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