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Using Storytelling Effectively

  • 14/11/2019
  • 08:00
  • Singapore


Hopscotch is a proud member of The British Chamber of Commerce and a part of the Women In Business group.

With over 500 podcast episodes produced across Asia, Graham Brown knows what it takes to craft a story that will engage your friends, colleagues, customers and business partners.

This workshop combines theory and exercises incorporating Q&A and feedback sessions and story creation and preparation.


  • The importance of storytelling in the information age
  • Different instances you need storytelling in – raise funds, recruit talent, win clients, sell internally to management etc (Examples for each)
  • Getting your story structure right - What are steps needed to craft a story to engage and evoke the passion of our audience?
  • By this session the participants will be able to incorporate the technique and fundamentals of storytelling in their everyday conversations.

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