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What is the Future of Learning? Colearning explained

  • 24/12/2018
  • 06:30
  • QLC Dubai @ AREA 2071 Ground floor, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, The Boulevard


Education is one of the most important investments we make in our lives. But we shouldn't stop learning after we graduate from university or complete a master's program. So how do we change the ideas we have about learning? How can we encourage professionals to adopt a mindset of lifelong education? QLC believes the future of education lies in colearning. QLC is a lifelong learning school for people excited by change. Its members learn together, from global entrepreneurs and experts, about emerging business, technology and cultural trends, and consistently building the skills they need to thrive in the changing world.

The event is geared towards anyone who wants to know about learning in the future and ways to adopt a lifelong learning mentality. You can find more details here: 


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