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Hopscotch is a one of its kind platform, so understandably you might
have some questions about how we work. Take a look below or get in
touch at if you don't see what you're looking for!

  • I’m not available to view the live session at the scheduled time. What can I do?

    Easy peasy. We archive each live session, meaning if you can’t make the scheduled time or were too late to sign up; you can still watch the session. These can be found on the Live page.

  • I forgot to sign up to a live session and now it’s full. Can I still watch?

    100%. We archive each live session, meaning if you can’t make the scheduled time or were too late to sign up; you can still watch the session. We aim to have a limited number of participants per live session, to ensure the quality and benefits gained from each session, which operate on a first come first served basis. Soon, you will also have the option of being a ‘spectator’, so that you can still view the content of the live session without needing to participate actively.

  • I’m not currently out of work, but am looking for new opportunities. Can I apply?

    Of course! We welcome all potential candidates and have a variety of job types available, dependent on the need of our clients: work from home, flexible part- or full-time, maternity cover, project-based etc. Please check the job description on our Job Board for further information on each role.

  • How can I build my network of contacts?

    Good question, we are here to help! Hopscotch hosts and sponsors regular Events and Live Sessions, often partnering with our clients and affiliated coaches to support our community of women on a range of different career-based issues. These also serve as a great platform to meet like-minded women, potential employers and develop your own professional network! Make sure to check our Events and Live pages, as well as Social Media to stay updated.

  • I love your events and initiatives, but I think I would benefit from something more specific. Can you help me with this?

    Thanks! We love receiving your feedback. If you would like to see a workshop or event based on a particular topic, contact us! Chances are there are many other women thinking the same thing.

  • How can I stay updated on upcoming events, workshops and (live sessions)?

    This is the easy part. By signing up to Hopscotch, you will receive regular updates on any events you express interest in attending. Or of course, check our Events page or follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts. All platforms are updated daily and provide information not only Hopscotch events, but similar ones coming up in the region.

  • Who is Hopscotch for?

    We are a women’s only platform for those with professional backgrounds. Whether you’re a woman who’s been away from the workplace for a period of time, or you’re currently looking for a new opportunity, some training, networking or careers support, Hopscotch is for you.

  • Mums only?

    We welcome all women with professional skills to our platform.

  • Is work guaranteed?

    Although we would love nothing more than to guarantee a job to everyone who applies, unfortunately we just aren’t able to do this. However, new opportunities are regularly posted on our Job Board and through our Events and Initiatives.

  • Will you respond?

    Our Jobs, Events and Initiatives receive many applications, so unfortunately our Hopscotch team cannot respond personally to everyone. However, you can track the jobs you’ve applied for through your Dashboard and will be contacted should your application be taken forward.

  • Resumé retouching?

    At Hopscotch we believe your resume is just part of the journey to finding work. As such, we host regular Workshops and Career Clinics, which address your specific requirements. You can find out about these on our Events and Live pages, or through our Social Media platforms.

  • What happens next?

    Once you have applied for a certain role, your application and CV will be reviewed by the company involved. Should your skills and experience be suited to the role, you will be contacted, normally within 7-10 working days. Please note that due to the volume of high quality CVs and applications we receive, only successful applicants will be contacted.

  • What about privacy?

    By signing up to Hopscotch and building your profile, you agree to our Privacy Policy, which you can review here at any time.

  • Is it just flexible work?

    We love and promote flexible work as much as we can, but we know it doesn’t work for every role, industry or even candidate. As such, our clients offer all types of work – full time to part time, flexible hours to work from home, permanent to project-based. We cover all industries with all job types. Please check the job description on our Job Board for further information on each role.

  • Will I hear from you?

    I applied for a specific role. Will I be informed if I am not considered for that job? As much as we would love to get in touch with each and every one of you, we can only guarantee a response to those who match our clients' requirements at this time.

  • Why wasn't I successful?

    Each role has specific skills and requirements, so we sadly cannot comment on individual applications as the outcome is due to the decision making process of our clients.

  • Does Hopscotch hire me?

    No, not unless we’re looking to expand our team (which happens!). Hopscotch’s platform acts as a ‘matchmaker’. We connect forward thinking companies and clients with professional women seeking work.

  • What's the process?

    How does your recruitment process work? When we look for suitable candidates for a role, we base the search on the following: (a) Our talent database. If you have submitted your CV, it will appear in our system if you match the specific search criteria. (b) We screen all candidates that have specifically applied for that job. Our dedicated recruiters then screen each CV to find the client the most suitable candidates. In case your skill set and experience match the client’s expectations, a recruiter will call you for an initial interview with Hopscotch and also to get your feedback on the potential role. Please note we will never forward your CV to any client without your consent. The client then decides whether to take the recruitment process to the next step. All clients have different recruitment processes, which might include assessment centres, Skype interviews, presentations etc. We will of course brief you accordingly, sharing all our knowledge and wisdom in order to help you through the process.