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Hopscotch is a one of its kind platform, so understandably you might
have some questions about how we work. Take a look below or get in
touch at if you don't see what you're looking for!

  • What is the general demographic of candidates placed?

    We place women with professional backgrounds of all ages.

  • Do you provide Visas for employed candidates?

    The visa and contract operates between the candidate and you, the employer. It is not a matter we are involved with.

  • What are your terms of business/fee for clients?

    Please contact us at and we will be happy to run through what you need and explain how we can help.

  • Do you specialise recruiting within a certain industry?

    Our network of Women have careers in all industries and our client base ranges from large multinational corporations to start ups and all types of role.

  • How do I partner with Hopscotch and how much does it cost?

    At this stage in Hopscotch’s growth, please contact us directly so we can run through the options and explain the process.

  • If I post a job, where do the applications go?

    At this stage in Hopscotch’s growth, the applications will go to the email address provided when the job is posted.

  • What type of jobs can I post?

    We have a talent pool of tens of thousands of professional, skilled women with all types of background and industry profiles just waiting for you to tap into. Whether it’s flexible or work from home, full-time or project based, permanent or part time, your job post will hit its mark!

  • How do I post a Job?

    It’s easy! For now, please contact us at and we will run through how this works.

  • Why would I work with Hopscotch?

    We work to connect smart women to forward thinking businesses in many ways. Over several years and a lot of learning, we have a built a pool of professional women, some of whom are new to the region or who have perhaps not worked here before due to family commitments or circumstances. As such, our database is unique to us and we have the ability to connect businesses to fresh candidates not found or updated on LinkedIn, Gulf Talent and other regional portals.