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5 Ways You Can Invest in Self-growth in 2019

5-min read. More often than not, we tend to invest our time, money and efforts in only those places and things which offer assured returns. So, investing in self-growth might not appeal to everyone as its yields might not be obvious, instant or even certain. However, let’s delve deeper. Let 2019 be the year you see beyond losing those persistent 15 pounds or cutting down on cigarettes from 10 to 2 per day. Let it be the year you invest essentially in the most important component in the portfolio of life – yourself. Trust us, you deserve every bit of attention, time and money that is long overdue for growing, learning and being happy. Read on to find out 5 simple ways to do so.

Never stop learning

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” – Albert Einstein

If there was a function that would come close to breathing for the healthy existence of a human mind and body, learning would be it. While the importance of learning is known to all of us, most of us get so busy with our mundane routines that we find excuses to not invest – our time and money both – into learning. So, before life takes over, give yourself another chance to learn painting – your passion in high school, or sign up for that salsa class you have been dying to try out. What might seem like a selfish and unnecessary expense might be all the refreshment your soul needs. If your finances don’t agree with your hobbies, don’t worry. You need not disturb your monthly budgets for learning something new – simply hit YouTube for some excellent, free tutorials or enroll yourself for one of the many short, convenient and free online courses.

Respect your body

While we are too busy running the corporate race or juggling our responsibilities, we tend to forget treating our body right and showering it with all the love and care it deserves. It’s never too late to eat right or add exercising to your daily schedule. So, instead of sleeping that extra hour every morning, join a group and start jogging, or ensure that you include a healthy salad into your diet at least thrice a week. You could go a step further and hire a health coach, join a gym or buy organic fruits and vegetables. Yes, a visit to the spa counts too! Eventually, if you continue this lifestyle, you will fall in love with your happier, healthier version 2.0.


If you are in a competitive job, upskilling must be one of your top professional priorities. While the word may sound complex and equivocal, once you break it down, it’s pretty simple to implement it. Upskilling or refreshing your skills regularly can be achieved through trainings and studying further but it can also be accomplished by various informal means. These include networking consistently, attending relevant events, learning a new language or technical skill, finding a mentor and reading. These activities will not only give you an edge over your colleagues but also contribute immeasurably to your wholesome development.

Make mindfulness your way of living

If you browse the internet for a definition of mindfulness, you will find many different ones. However, at the core of each of it is the fact that mindfulness is almost synonymous to being present in the moment. Remember that night when you finished a huge tub of ice cream while switching TV channels and suddenly realised you aren’t left with any? Apart from missing out those many minutes of your life, you never even enjoyed that ice cream! But don’t worry – this happens to the best of us. We humans are so obsessed with planning our next few hours, reviewing our past behaviour, stressing about hypothetical situations and cribbing about the problems we have that we forget to do the most important thing – enjoying the moment and situation we are in. Mindfulness translates into channelising all your attention to the present by shunning the autopilot mode most of us mostly work on. So, the next time you are meditating, shopping at a supermarket or playing with your baby, do it with mindfulness and see the difference.

Be financially aware and literate

While most of us are financially independent, how many of us are actually financially literate? Don’t most of us have someone else managing our finances? It could be our parents, spouses or even professionals doing so. However, in 2019, make sure you decide where your money should be invested and take baby steps towards being financially literate. Don’t let money talk, complex financial words and numbers overwhelm you. Find yourself a mentor who will tell you not where to invest your money but how to invest it. To enhance your knowledge, you could start by attending seminars, taking up online courses and reading. The joy of investing your money right is something you will crave regularly once you taste it.

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