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Beating Imposter Syndrome

4 minute read. On Thursday 30th August, we hosted our 11th Career Clinic at LetsWork’s happening co-working spot in Rove Downtown. Our Career Clinic was hosted by Callie Dickens, the Founder at Orenda+Bloom, who is a strong Gender Balance and Female Development advocate. During this session we uncovered what the Imposter Syndrome is and how to tackle it.


Our morning started with warm welcome by our team and a big mug of something to keep us going! Callie began by telling us all about imposter syndrome and what it is. Imposter Syndrome is “a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success[1]. It is the inability to acknowledge and accept your accomplishments, no matter how successful you are at what you do, which can hold you back in all areas of your life, not just at work.


Believe it or not, it affects a lot of smart, successful people that we would normally assume are well put together. This is also a predominant issue for mothers in the workforce where their job and family commitments collide. Mothers can often feel that they are not fulfilling their duty as a mother, even when they are doing their best.


During our session Callie uncovered the causes that lead to Imposter Syndrome; some of which were childhood experiences, perfectionism and persistent cultural gender norms. It is essential for us to remember that the first step to beating it, is to talk about it.  Talking about issues like Imposter Syndrome removes some of the stigma surrounding it and normalizes this syndrome. It is essential to learn how to recognise your Imposter Syndrome symptoms and thoughts. A few symptoms to look out for would be; never letting anyone know that you don’t know how to do something, feeling like you were hired because of a mistake and sharing credit with others even when it is all yours.


Callie made our session interactive and fun by incorporating games throughout; we got to play Imposter Syndrome Bingo to learn about the symptoms and signs, with wooden notebooks on offer for the winners.  Everyone was engaged and connecting with other attendees during the session as Callie had us sharing our thoughts and experiences throughout.

As always, we wanted our attendees to walk away with some actionable targets and commitments in order to move their behaviour forwards.  The final part of our session was held whilst in small groups with snacks on hand and focussed on uncovering the tools to beat Imposter Syndrome.

For those of you not at the session, below are just a few we found and be sure to look out for a future Live Session from Callie on the topic:

1.) Keep track of your accomplishments

2.) Keeping in mind that everyone makes mistakes and

3.) Normalizing and discussing your feelings, as many of us feel the same.

We hope to see you at the next Career Clinic on September 24th, this time learning about how to tackle tough conversations and get the outcome you need every time!  Sign up here.

 [1] Harvard Business Review -



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