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Blog: 10 Ways to Shine in MENA

Are you often wondering why your hard work goes unnoticed? Do you ever get frustrated to see opportunities being given to those able to sell themselves (although they are not as good as you)?  Emeline Roissetter is a professional careers coach and Founder of Momentum, a coaching and consultancy company that's a favourite of ours here at Hopscotch HQ.  With a proven strategy to help women crack the working world here in the region, here are her tips for getting noticed*:

"So, first, the good news: you don’t have to become a “show-off” to get noticed at work.

The bad news is: it won’t happen by simply doing your job.

Getting noticed requires you to take control of your career, to take responsibility for your professional relationships and to actively build your personal brand.

Here are ten tips to get you started:

1. Build A Network & Actively Connect With Co-Workers

Stop hiding behind your computer. Go around in the morning to say hello, smile to your co-workers, start conversations during coffee breaks, exchange jokes and compliments and remember people’s birthdays. Visit other people’s offices instead of sending an email and show interest in what others are doing.

2. Track Your Accomplishments 

Don’t assume that your boss and team members will notice or remember every contribution you make. Especially when performance reviews only happen once a year, it is easy to forget! Keep track and make a list of all your accomplishments. As long as you have your facts and figures straight, this is not showing off, but merely taking credit for your work.

3. Take On More Responsibilities 

Simply put, you won’t get a promotion for doing the job you are paid to do. Promotions and opportunities are given to those who show initiative and voluntarily take on additional responsibilities for the greater good of the business.

4. Develop Specialist Skills

Although organizations often hire generalists able to perform many different roles, generalists’ hard work often gets taken for granted. If you are a generalist, consider building new skills to become a specialist in one or two areas needed by your organization. The more knowledgeable and skillful you become in a particular area, the more likely you are to be noticed for your work.

5. Support Others Success 

Have everyone’s best interest at heart! Share your knowledge and your wisdom to empower and inspire co-workers to succeed. By elevating others, you have the power to improve overall results. You will then get noticed for your leadership skills and your wide-angle vision.

6. Stay Up-To-Date With Industry Trends 

This is an excellent way to make a positive impact when taking part in conversations and meetings. Sharing data from an article or industry report you recently read will position you as a reliable and informed source. It will impress colleagues and decision makers who will start valuing your opinions and recommendations.

7. Get Involved At Charity Events 

All organizations regularly give back to society by running Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This is an excellent way to get noticed for all the right reasons. Get involved, take the lead on a specific initiative, have fun and be remembered as someone who cares!

8. Use LinkedIn To Your Advantage 

Add your organization’s key decision makers to your network as well as other industry experts & professionals. LinkedIn is a great opportunity to become a silent influencer and showcase your expertise. All you have to do is share interesting articles, read and comment on other’s posts and write your own articles. A great way to get noticed by people you don’t necessarily talk to on a daily basis.

9. Prepare To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

Know your weaknesses and what is stopping you from going after the promotion you want. Worried about your English level, your public speaking skills or your financial literacy? Do something about it now! Invest in yourself and get ready to step out of your comfort zone.

10. Know Your Worth, Build Your Personal Brand 

What is your professional identity? What are your strengths? What are you known for? What are the things people remember from their interactions with you? It is one thing to want to be noticed, it is another to take control of what you want to be noticed for. Know your worth and ensure your personal brand is working for you, not against you.

One Extra Tip: Get A Mentor 

You don’t have to do all this alone. Find a mentor who can give you valuable advice and career coaching to help you navigate your way to success.

Good Luck!"

*This article was first published at

You can find Emeline in action with Direction Dose at the Career Take-Off Workshop on January 20th in Dubai.  Check the details and grab your spot here.

Posted: January 18, 2018



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