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Blog: 12 skills for a new job in 2019

6-min read. Planning a new job or a change of direction?  It’s that time of the year when people of all ages are looking for a ‘change’—something new to add variety to routine. Do you feel that a new job in the new year might be just the thing to perk you up? Are you looking for a new professional challenge?

Here’s some help. Whether you are a mid-level executive, a senior player or a junior in the field, here are 12 soft skills that recruiters are on the lookout for.  

There are vast opportunities for junior level recruits. But competition is quite fierce as well. To give yourself a fighting chance, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind:

1.      Positive attitude: We’ve put this topmost on our list. And it’s not by accident. A positive attitude can see you through most disturbances that affect a workplace and recruiters are always on the lookout for people who can handle any stress or change that come their way. Make sure you can cite examples that show how you bring this mindset to work.

2.      Ability to be proactive: Being a practical, hands-on person is another skill that recruiters are always looking for. Someone who can easily assess any problem and come up with good solutions, or who is always ready with reliable, yet, out-of-the-box ideas. Try to list situations where your proactive attitude helped your team or projects, before your initial conversations with recruiters.

3.      Strong communication skills: An employee that can engage with staff at all levels of the organization is a great addition to the company. It is also an added advantage if you are capable of working harmoniously with multi-disciplinary teams in a collaborative environment. And it goes without saying that if you are competent in both written as well as verbal communication, commendations and promotions will seek you out.

4.     Being organised: This is a skill that is a boon not just to an organisation, but also to any individual. It shows that you are focused, deadline-oriented, and in all probability, require minimal supervision. An obvious value-add to any team.

Mid-level recruits need to be slightly more cautious when starting their job hunt journeys. While it goes without saying that good communication skills are expected of you, here are a few more skills that you should showcase in your interactions:

1.      Good leadership qualities: While leadership qualities may be deemed as more of a senior-level requirement, being able to efficiently manage and lead a team is a skill that any organisation would grab for keeps. It’s not easy being a good leader. And if you have the skills for it, be sure to flaunt it.

2.     Strong analytical skills: This is a skillset that will help you go through any problem systematically, diagnose it and bring it to its logical conclusion. Not everyone can bring this to the table, so remember to talk about it in your interviews.

3.     Attention to detail: Most people tend to treat this skill as inconsequential. But attention to detail is something that is extremely valuable when it comes to ensuring the quality of a product or service. It’s a niche skill that has been overlooked too much in the past.

4.     Ability to prioritise and manage work and client demands: Even though all employees are expected to possess this skill, not many make the cut when push comes to shove. You need to be able to manage expectations while handling demanding client requests and getting it executed at your end by your team, all this, with a looming deadline.

5.     Good presentation skills: This is a skill that mid-level employees cannot do without. You will need to make presentations to clients, to your team, to the management and so on. And having good speaking skills and a pleasant yet formal manner is the surefire way to cut the ice and get your points across to any group.

The toughest challenge for any senior level recruit is to find the right organisational fit. And for the ones that work, openings are scarce and competition rife. At this level, most selections are based on recommendations. While experience and expertise are sure to count, here are a few things you can mention in your conversations with headhunters:

1.    Ability to have tough conversations: As a senior employee, you may not need to engage with many direct reportees, but you will need to manage challenging situations. This usually means having tough conversations. Your communication skills at being able to handle multiple teams and multiple levels of employees will come in handy here.

2.    Compassion as a leader: As a senior, you will need to motivate and engage people to work together or to reach a consensus in the face of differing priorities and goals. Your skill to influence people, be they your juniors or your seniors, is crucial. And if you bring in examples of doing it compassionately, you are a sure winner. 

3.     Problem-solving skills: Probably one of the most important skills an employee can possess, a problem-solving mentality would require you to possess the ability to think logically and critically, and have sound reasoning, so as to analyse and troubleshoot any issues that may crop up at any point.

Using these during your conversations will go a long way in making you stand out in the pool of candidates. Keep an eye on our Job Board for new opportunities.  May 2019 be the year of new beginnings for you!


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