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Blog: 8 Secret Things Successful Women Do Differently

4 minute read: 8 Secret Things Successful Women Do Differently

Are you in awe of other women who have achieved success in their careers and want to know how you can do the same? Here are 8 tips for you to boost your career woman potential:

1)    Have a growth mindset

A lot of people have what is called a fixed mindset which is when we feel that there is a limit to our skills and knowledge and that they are set in stone. To achieve success, we should change the way we think about our strengths and abilities.

By adopting a growth mindset, which is the belief that we can continuously develop our skills and knowledge through our efforts and gained life experiences, we can understand that the process of self-improvement is indeed possible through persistence and hard work.

2)    Change the way you talk

To ensure others are confident in your abilities, it is important to project an image of competence and high self-esteem. You need to be articulate and clear when asking for what you need.

One way to do so is to speak more slowly as talking fast may be perceived as a sign of nervousness or less trustworthy. Learn to slow down, vary your pitch and take appropriate pauses. 

3)    Listen to your self-talk

Apart from how we talk to others, the way we talk to ourselves also matters. Be kind to yourself and avoid any negative self-talk that can cause you to doubt yourself and your own abilities. Treat yourself with the same kindness and care that you would with someone else.

4)    Set small, actionable goals

In the morning, plan your goals about what you want to accomplish for the day and even for the entire week and month. Longer goals can be broken down into small, actionable tasks that will ultimately help you reach your target.

Of course, there will always be unforeseen circumstances that may disrupt your schedule, but by organising your tasks and prioritising what is important based to how they can help you reach your goals, you will be less likely to be overwhelmed and even be more motivated to achieve them.  

5)    Learn how to delegate

We only have a certain amount of time and energy to complete all the tasks we want to do every day. Focus on the most important tasks and identify people around you who can help you with the remaining ones.

This can mean interns, colleagues who are better skilled at something or even outsourcing these tasks to other professionals. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help especially if it makes you more efficient at performing other duties.

6)    Plan your career moves

Career planning is important for women especially for those who might want to take time off to start a family. Planning your career moves will help you track your progress and make necessary changes alongside any shift in circumstances.

Consider making a lateral move which is a move either within your current company or to a new one with a similar title, pay, and role. This is beneficial not only for companies to retain talented employees but you will also make yourself more indispensable by learning new skills and increasing your opportunities for promotion.

7)    Find a mentor

Ask any successful woman and chances are that a majority of them will credit mentor who helped them reach where they are today.The number of women in senior roles in the corporate world is still considerably lacking compared to men. 

For women to be more empowered in the workplace, it’s important to have structured mentorships where women can learn important skills and knowledge from each other. Seek to find women mentors who can give you the best career advice on how they managed to navigate the workplace and achieved success especially in male-dominated industries.

8)    Stay connected

Network regularly both within and outside of your organisation. This will be beneficial when it comes to finding a mentor who can give you career advice or if you are looking for other career options in the future.

Get to know the right people (people who inspire you and who are experts in their field) and build a relationship from there. Although it may seem intimidating at first, building a strong network is worth the time and effort for building your career.

If you are not at a place where you want to be in your career right now, just remember that every successful person has been where you are. Just keep working on being the best version of yourself, continue seeking opportunities and surround yourself with other established people in your chosen field who can help you succeed. Want more inspiring career advice for women? Sign up as a Hopscotch Member to learn more tips, connect with like-minded women and get your dream job.



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