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Blog: Hopscotch Happenings

5-min read:  It's been a busy few months at Hopscotch HQ!  We catch up with our Founder on latest happenings and future plans.

"Q3 (i.e.summertime!) for us is always a time to regroup, re-focus and set our goals for the year to come.  Call it a 'back to school' mentality, which those of us who now have kids on a western time-table will understand, but September has always seemed like the perfect opportunity for a fresh start!  From a personal perspective, my youngest hit her eight month birthday and my two eldest (though still under five) returned to the classroom at kindergarten, so it also means I have more space to actually get things done, travel if I need to and generally reconnect with our community and Hopscotch as a business.

And so I guess it should be no surprise that Q4 is turning out to be a very exciting few months - and an opportune time to get set for a whole new decade with all its opportunities and promise.

Our Middle East office is busy as ever.  I was over in Dubai to host our Conquer Your Career event (photo above) for 50 people in partnership with Nestle and our global training partners, PCA, recently and it was an absolute blast.  I'm always bowled over by the vivacity and intelligence of the women in our community who I meet at such events, as well as the generosity of spirit of our partners like Rove Dubai Marina who genuinely believe in and support what we try to achieve Hopscotch.  There's been lots of activity on LinkedIn about it all and I'm pleased to say some interesting opportunities arising off the back of watch this (and that!) space.


At the start of September, we issued our latest survey asking you all how you felt about your current skillsets and what you feel would help you get back up to speed, or tap into new opportunities for your career.  The results so far have been astounding and have set the wheels in motion for some very exciting new prospects for our community, wherever you might be.  At the moment, the survey is still open (you can take it here), but we'll be announcing the results soon and how they could help you as a Hopscotch member.

If you check out our Events pages, you'll notice a calendar that highlights both our own and very special partner events that have been happening lately.  As October kicked off, I spoke at White Lodge's wonderful new River Valley location to mums who wanted to learn what Hopscotch was about and how we could help them get back to work.  Although we launched in Singapore not even a year ago, I'm proud to say we're building some strong partnerships and you can expect lots more events to come that will boost careers and improve prospects, whether you're a mum or not.


Last but not least, we're focussing very hard right now on building partnerships and working with businesses that 'get' the flexible jobs thing!  We know how vital it is for so many women, whatever their reasons, so keep a check on the Job Board and we hope to be in touch soon.   We are on a huge journey - as much as you are - and as a unique concept for women in APAC and MENA we are really only 50% of the way there.  There's lots more to come before the end of the year and 2020 is looking to be our most exciting year yet!"  Helen McGuire, Hopscotch Co-Founder & MD.



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