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Blog: Why Are We Here?

7-min read: Ever feel a bit 'lost'?

Finding your purpose is no mean feat and, for many people, a lifelong journey with more than one answer.  But if you're feeling like you're drifting or being led through life, rather than truly engaging and making a difference in ways you're passionate about then this blog is for you!  We've turned to one of Hopscotch's favourites, Equus Coach and relationship expert Kat Winny to shed some light on where to start with this potentially overwhelming topic:

"Have you ever had one of those “How is it October already?” conversations. Where the weeks and months seem to have just passed by without you even realising?

 We start the year full of good intentions and resolutions, but also with the comfort that we have a good 12 months to achieve these. It’s then so easy to get caught up in day-to-day living and not realise that yet another year has gone by without learning Spanish / visiting Borneo / doubling your savings. Suddenly it’s 31 December and you prepare to start the cycle again.

Consider these questions:

●      Do you have any set goals?

●      Are you currently learning or seeking to grow in any particular areas?

●      Do you have a one-year, five-year or lifetime plan?

 A ‘no’ in any of these areas indicates that it’s time to inject more purpose into your life.

 What is living with purpose?

 Living with purpose is not always about working out your fastest way to a million-dollar income. It’s about identifying the things that are really important to you. Then making sure your life is reflecting them.

 For some people, that’s quality time with their family. For others, it’s travel. But without purpose it’s hard to set up the mechanisms needed to get you to where you ultimately want to be.

 Purpose is the key to happiness. Science has proven that there is a strong correlation between having purpose in life and being happy. Those living with purpose are happier, healthier and live longer lives. 

 Without purpose, you have no benchmark for your dreams or definition of success.

 Purpose across all areas:

 Today’s topic is actually inspired by the financial mindset work of expat finance guru Steve Cronin from He recommends aligning your personal finances with longer-term goals, so you stay motivated to spend and save wisely.  To figure out your financial goals you must have purpose in your life. By understanding your future lifestyle needs, you can work out how much money you need.

 Other areas where it’s important to have purpose, intention and a plan include:

 ●      Relationships

●      Career

●      Family

●      Fitness

●      Interests and activities

 Where do you see your relationship going? Even if you’re married, what do you want to achieve together as a couple in the short and long term?

What direction do you see your career going? Is what you’re doing now supporting that? What steps do you need to progress in that direction?

Where are you living with purpose and where are you drifting?

What have you learnt about yourself so far reading this article? Have you realised the areas where you are and aren’t living with purpose at the moment? It can be a shock to realise you’re an adult without a lifeplan, but it’s far more common than you’d think.

 I have clients come to me looking for jobs, without any idea of what their dream job is. Being frustrated at their relationship, without having thought about what they want and need from it.  We never attended lessons on this kind of stuff. So it’s no wonder we fall into a path of drifting through life, before a health crisis / divorce / mid-life crisis wakes us up with a nasty shock.

 How to start living with more purpose:

 The good news is, living with more purpose is easier than you think. The key is to actually make a plan and get started.

●      Stop settling for ok. When things are fine, it’s easy to accept them. But all things that are ok can be amazing, given a little nurturing. Start adopting this mindset and dreaming bigger.

●      Take time to think about where you ultimately want to be. My favourite way to do this is to set a timer for 20 mins, then write continuously about what your ideal ‘normal day’ would include. Don’t hold back!

●      Set some short and long term goals. Write a list of five things you’d like to (realistically) achieve this year and five things you’d like to achieve in the next ten years. Then set out the actions and timings needed to achieve these. 

●      Figure out your belief systems. Understanding your attitude towards different areas of your life will uncover where you are limiting yourself and what is preventing you from living with purpose. Journaling, meditating and working with a coach are all great ways to uncover these.

●      Start taking active steps to live with more purpose. No matter how small these steps are, the biggest roadblock to living with purpose is not getting started. Even taking two minutes today to think about where you’d like to be in five years is going to inject more purpose into your life.

 Kat is an Equus Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, working with clients to shift the underlying emotions and behaviour patterns preventing them from getting their ideal relationship with themselves, a partner, or their career.

 You can find out more about her at or reach out to her directly at 



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