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Career Clinic No. 8 - Report

Want to know what happened at Career Clinic No.8 with Mona Tavassoli, founder of Momsouq and Mompreneurs ME?  Here's the rundown from our Events team:

"On Monday 23rd April we hosted our 8th Career Clinic at the gorgeous little wellness sanctuary, Life n One, in Jumeirah 1. We had the pleasure of having Mona Tavassoli Founder and CEO of Mompreneurs ME & Mom Souq take us through her programme on how “you can have it all.”

We like to keep our Career Clinics personable and friendly, and our attendees were greeted by great coffee and even better banana cookies as they registered and settled in.  Mona kicked off by asking us all to fill up and then 'put down our worry bag' and to keep an open mind as she ran through her inspirational journey towards becoming an award winning entrepreneur in the region, including all the battles, challenges and rock bottoms she faced along the way.

Given Mona's incredible knowledge of techniques picked up through her own learnings, reading and attendance at international life coach sessions, there were so many take home messages for our attendees to contemplate it's hard to know where to start!  But let's run through a few:

  • Taking full ownership of your own happiness and life and remembering that no-one is responsible for that, plus “taking ownership back” from which comes so much power
  • Changing your mentality from being victim to captain and altering your mindset so that you're not reliant on the finite power of will power to see you through, but actually using your identity and belief systems to make the changes for you
  • Remembering to focus on the things that you can change and to move your attention towards somewhere that serves you as opposed to towards what will sabotage you
  • Staying focussed and knowing that you are running your own race, keeping in mind YOUR why, and YOUR purpose - you CAN have it all, but you CAN’T do it all
  • And finally to focus on the importance of “Eliminate, Automate and Delegate” to avoid burning out.

The list goes on.  After a wonderful hour long session in beautifully peaceful surroundings, Mona reminded us to embrace our challenges, to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and that the more we face our fears the stronger we become.  Rounding off with a Q&A and our usual meet and mingle policy, we all left feeling that yes...we could indeed have it all!

Posted: April 29, 2018



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