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Career Clinic No.10 - Report

4 minute read. On Wednesday 18th July, we hosted our 10th Career Clinic at the WitWork’s popular co-working spot Cargo, in Pier 7 Marina. Our Managing Partner from sister company, MCG & Co, shared all his tips and tricks on how to ‘Ace that Interview’ acquired over 17 years of experience in recruitment. Our session was all-inclusive as we had an attendee bring her young daughter along and another that brought her husband along.

We welcomed our attendees with coffee, tea and snacks whilst they got comfortable. Rahman started off by asking all the attendees how many interviews they had been to on average; to which many women said around 10-20. A lot of the women expressed that interviews made them feel stressed or insecure and that their gaps in their CV to have their family made them feel embarrassed and uneasy at the prospect of getting a job. Rahman stated that “It is nothing to be embarrassed about” as you should “feel proud to have taken a break for your family”. We don’t think he could have worded it any better! 

Throughout the session he reviewed what you should do before, during and after your interview, the three crucial stages. Before the interview would be your research and preparation stage where you would spend some time learning about the company and ensuring that you are well prepped for your interview i.e. making sure you get enough sleep and get to your interview a little early. During the interview on average you would be interviewed for 30-60 minutes where the interviewers would be spending most of the time firing questions at you. It would be really important to have a think about what questions they would ask you. You should also have a few questions to ask them such as “What are the challenges in the role?” and “what is the most important skill you are looking for?”. After the interview is a stage which many people forget about, once your interview is done it is important to follow up with the interviewee. 

Following the 2-hour long session, we welcomed all our attendees to network and mingle with us. Many got the chance to get some one on one advice from Rahman. All our attendees left happy with this in-depth step by step guide on how to Ace the Interview as they were able to get answers to their questions and relate all the tips to their personal experiences. 

To join us at future events, simply check out and register online.  We hope to see you there!



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