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Career Clinic No.6 - Report

What happened when Heidi met Hopscotch...

Last Sunday morning we hosted our 6th Career Clinic with Advanced Integrative Health Coach Heidi Jones and special guest, Rhian Lindley, supported by LuluLemon at the beautiful Society Café & Lounge.  

The session opened with both Heidi and Rhian sharing their incredibly moving and inspirational personal journeys and went on to be a hands-on, fully immersive two hour event designed to leave all attendees feeling empowered and committed to their goals.

Fuelled by delicious pastries and coffee courtesy of Society Café & Lounge, Heidi and Rhian took the attendees through several challenging, goal-setting exercises.  Focussing on Spirituality, Creativity, Finances, Career, Education, Health, Physical Activity, Home cooking, Home environment, Relationships, Social Life and Joy, each attendee was required to dig deep and assess their attitudes and experiences at that point.  Moving through ‘Positive Shifts’ for each individual in these categories alongside group discussions, it was in the second part of the morning that things got serious!  

Everyone received a Lululemon #18in18 checklist and listed down 18 goals to achieve in 2018. Running through the easy ones first, as the numbers got higher the goals become more challenging - the ones that caused most fear and tension.  By the end of the session each woman stood up and shared one of her goals for 2018, some sharing a goal to achieve within the next 7 days, others with more of a long term focus, but an emotional moment for all. Our Social Media Manager, Tanja, shared her fear of flying and made a goal to get on a flight in 2018, the first since moving to Dubai over two and a half years ago!

The morning concluded with 3 prizes; a private session with Heidi, one with Rhian and a Lululemon gift voucher for a free outfit. Society Café kindly gave all the attendees 15% off at their next visit to the café.

It was an incredibly empowering, motivating and inspiring session - watch this space for the next Career Clinic collaboration!

Posted: March 6, 2018



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