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Hopscotch Heroes - @the_trendy_frenchie

7 minute read. This month, we are excited to introduce you to Dubai’s own Semia Azaiz, otherwise known by her Instagram handle as @thetrendyfrenchie. Semia is the Founder of The Trendy Frenchie Communication Agency, a platform that connects brands with influencers and celebrities. While also being the trendiest French Social Media Influencer and Brand Ambassador in the region, she is also the Editor-in-Chief of Luxsure Magazine Dubai. Born and raised in the South of France, Semia graduated with a Masters in Political Communications from Paris XII University and holds both a Bachelor as well as an MBA in Marketing. With an eye for fashion and creativity from a young age, she has always been inspired by the dynamics of the world around her, the mechanism of things and the art that exists in all.


Curious to know how Semia finds the time to manage and wear so many hats?  Read on and she will share some insight:


H: Tell us about what you do and what your day looks like on a daily basis?


S: My line of work is about brands, celebrities and lifestyle but I actually carry 3 hats: I’m a Fashion/Lifestyle Social Media Influencer, known as “The Trendy Frenchie” on Instagram. I’m also, the Editor-In-Chief of Luxsure Magazine Dubai as well as the CEO of TTF Communications Agency, an agency specialised in Influencer Marketing /Celebrity seeding services.


My days are never the same as it always depends on what’s on the agenda but most of my days are about meetings with clients to pitch or discuss specific projects, brief talents & celebrities on upcoming collaborations, running client’s activations on the grounds, attending events and undertaking or organising photoshoots. 


Some days are hectic while some others are quiet. It is always evolving which is what I love about my line of business.


H: What is your family background/situation and how has this influenced your life today?


S: I come from a middle-class family of eight, where hard work, persistence and honesty were the base of our education. We weren’t rich but we knew that the only way to do well in life was to turn to education so we were taught to behave as such. We all had great grades, went to universities and used sports as one of our main sources of entertainment. We didn’t have much at the time, but we had great parents who tried their very best to provide for us, so we can succeed in life. I’ll be eternally grateful to my parents for that. 


This shaped the woman I’m today. I was taught to be strong, independent and to never rely on a man, ever. Those words were shared by my mother as well as my father. I have read so many biographies about some of the most inspiring women, but nobody inspired me like my mother did. She is to me, the strongest feminist I know! I’m who I’m today I’m because of her. She somehow turned me into a fighter! It takes courage to fall down and go back up again, it reveals the greatest version of yourself. I do it every day because of her.


H: How do you keep work and family life balanced?  What are your ‘go to’ coping strategies?


S: I must be honest with you. It is quite challenging to try and have a balanced life when you are an Entrepreneur because the work never stops really. Having said that, I’m now trying to impose myself some personal time to enjoy with my friends and be a bit on my own.  


In order for me to cope with the stress, I work out! I try at least to go to the gym or go for a run 4 times a week. It keeps me sane. I also do boxing and kickboxing, so nothing like such sports to let some steam out. I believe that working out and staying fit is essential to a balanced life. It allows you to feel good about yourself while being more productive. It also helps you conquer anxiety while developing a powerful mindset. Whenever I skip my workout, I do not feel good physically and emotionally. It’s a lifestyle, I guess.


H: What keeps you moving forward and what threatens to hold you back?


S: What keeps me moving is the belief that what I do can make a difference and influence people’s life in a positive way. I like to feel I’m making a difference and everything I do, is shaped that way. So as long as I feel that what I do matters, I’ll keep moving.


I used to feel threatened by people who did not wish me well, negative people and envious individuals. Now, not so much. I have learned how to handle them by changing by own behaviour. I either find a way or I find an excuse. I choose to find the way to deal with such people, so they won’t hold me back. 


I have been going through a lot lately in my personal and professional lives. If anything, I’ve learned from it is to see and accept people for who they are, and never ever fully put your trust on anybody or expect anything from people, because you will be disappointed. I think that it’s fair to say that I have learned the art of keeping my friends close and my enemies closer. 


One thing that never left me and helps me overcome everything is my self-belief. I always trusted my abilities and capabilities, and this helps me to keep moving forward.

Don't forget to check out Luxsure Magazine and follow The Trendy Frenchie on Instagram.




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