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Hopscotch Heroes - Eunice Cheng

6-min read. There’s no easy answer to the question of how one can manage both work and family. But Hopscotch Heroes may have some pointers for you. This month, we introduce to you Eunice Cheng, the bright and young founder of the growth marketing consultancy, Indiependence. 

Having grown up watching her father run a successful business, she was well aware of the challenges and excitement that come with running one’s own business. A fintech expert, Eunice started her company in 2017 after having worked in sectors like finance, advertising and pharmaceuticals. Find out how she is walking the line between work and home.

Hopscotch: Tell us about what you do and what this looks like on a daily basis.

Eunice: I run Indiependence, a growth marketing consultancy that works with early-stage fintech startups set up their growth marketing engines to prepare for product launch, user acquisition and beyond.

On a daily basis, I work closely with founders and their marketing, product and development teams to understand their buyer/consumer personas, understanding their market landscape and monitor competitor activities, prepare pre-launch materials, set up their product for meaningful metrics tracking, and devise strategies to build demand upon and after product launch. I also conduct training workshops for clients to enable continuity post-engagement of my services and advisory. 

H: What is your family background/current situation and how has this influenced your life today?

E: My father is a business owner himself and growing up, I'd seen firsthand the challenges and excitement in running and growing his own company. When I founded Indiependence, he was the first to throw his support behind me, not just because of fatherly pride, but because he saw me take so many exploratory paths throughout my career and grow as a person and professional in the process. 

Prior to founding Indiependence, I headed growth full-time for a local fintech, increasing acquisition by over 30x in my 1.5 years there as their VP of Growth, and before that, I spent over six years in advertising, working with some of the largest pharmaceutical firms, financial institutions and telcos in Singapore. Few know that my journey has been peppered with a litany of pivots and epic failures, which I believe have helped me realise what it is I enjoy doing, how to find sources of joy in my work, and to fear failure less. None of these learnings were epiphanies - rather it was a network of support (mentorship and peer support) that I've built over the years that have been instrumental in helping me realise these stumbling blocks are a part of one's growth, and aren't necessarily the end of the world. 

It is a mindset I take everywhere with me, from work to play. 

H: How do you keep work and family life balanced? What are your ‘go to’ coping strategies?

E: I'm still figuring out what that balance is! Like any entrepreneur, I’m not immune to stress, burnout and anxiety. Practicing mindfulness and keeping a gratitude journal have helped me learn not to sweat things I can’t control, while at the same time optimising the things I do have control over. In other words, I’m a/b testing my own entrepreneurship journey.

H: What does women’s empowerment mean to you?

E: The freedom to pursue one's goals and to be supported in that pursuit by those around her. 

H: What keeps you moving forward and what threatens to hold you back?

E: My career path has evolved organically through me saying yes to opportunities that emerged through my work and networking. The biggest factor that drives me forward professionally is the opportunity to learn about human behaviour through a lens of consumer/user psychology; to craft effective growth strategies that address and align business objectives with consumer needs. There are days when imposter syndrome rears its head and clouds my confidence, and it’s something I'm working hard at overcoming. 



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