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Hopscotch Heroes: Safiya Abdalla

Hopscotch Heroes is here to shine a light on women breaking new ground in our region, whilst managing to keep their work and family lives balanced.  We've showcased innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders and creators and this month we're very proud to feature breakthrough fashion designer, Safiya Abdallah.

Fresh from her latest shoot with Vogue Arabia, she is known for her work in the areas of Modest Fashion and through her own brand, Dulce, which she started three years ago.  She is also the co-creator for Lindsay Lohan's fashion brand and manages this whilst raising three young children....phew.  Over to you, Safiya:

Hopscotch: Hello!  Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background.

Safiya: Hello, my name is Safiya and I am a Fashion Designer.  My family background is very diverse; I am American born and brought up in Southern California and my parents are 1st generation Mexican American and North African. My background means I tend to be accepting of people from all walks of life and find interest in learning about other cultures and people. I try to be inclusive and don't like making people feel left out, mostly because of where and when I grew up feeling mostly that way myself!  It has influenced me to be a very raw and honest adult who is transparent with no hidden agendas.

H: So, tell us a bit about your day and your business.

S: I have three children to get ready for school, so my normal day usually starts very early and with a strong cup of coffee!  Once they are dropped to school safe and sound I am either fabric and accessory hunting or at the factory submitting orders. I love what I do, especially when my customers are happy; it makes me feel proud . Essentially I wake up with motivation to create something amazing - I recently pitched an idea I had to Vogue Arabia and a team of influencers, who organised my message into a video.  This was really the biggest thing I have achieved to date and I am so proud of the outcome.

H: How do you keep things organised and under control, any tips?

S: I try to keep work and family life balanced, which I have found a struggle when you're building a brand from the ground up. My coping strategies are to have a long bath once the kids are put to bed or write about things that are bothering me; alot of my stress comes from things beyond my control!

H: What keeps you going when times get tough?

S: What keeps me moving forward are my children, when they see how hard I work to achieve my goals I hope it will instill the same ethic in their lives as well. What holds me back would be funding - as a small business i have limited funding and what I make goes right back in.Making a difference in the world of fashion takes a lot of creativity - creativity for me is a no brainer however the marketing and business part is where I struggle.  However,  I am confident that if I had more expendable income at this point I would have very little stopping me from doing more and getting more acknowledgment in the world of fashion.

Any thoughts or comments on our Hero this month?  Please leave them below!

Posted: December 13, 2017



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