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Hopscotch Hires: April

Welcome to April's Hopscotch Hires!  For regulars, you'll know this is the space where we get to shout about the wealth of talent we have at our fingertips here at Hopscotch and a chance to feature a Star Candidate that stands out from the crowd.  

This month, we introduce Jacqui, a former London professional who is now living her dream here in Dubai. Read more about her story below:

Hopscotch: Hi Jacqui!  Tell us a bit about your journey to Dubai.

Jacqui: I was headhunted by Landmark Group to move from London and set up a new department. Whilst I hadn’t been planning to change jobs, I was approached literally two weeks after completing a goal setting exercise focusing on how I wanted the next three to five years of my life and career to look like.  So I thought, well that makes sense!

Being free and single,  I arrived bravely on my own.  Due to shifts in the business and markets, what I thought would be my long-term dream job, will now be operated off-shore.  This has given me the gift of time to slow down and ask great questions like – what do I want to create next….

H: So what would your dream job look like?

J: I am passionate about empowering women, working with multi-cultural teams and strategic problem solving!  My goal is to combine all three passions to help diverse teams and businesses be more productive, more collaborative and more profitable. 

My skills have been honed within the fashion/beauty/retail industry through leading quality focused teams based in Middle East, Europe, USA, APAC, Africa, and Latin America. Often in newly created roles that cover several countries, and which have required me to pioneer the way forward or lead change. I’m 'big picture' as well as detail and rely on a combination of analysis and intuition. I respond to diverse challenges with out of the box solutions!

In my dream role, I see us sitting around the table in a beautiful airy work space, brainstorming great ideas to the sounds of the sea and creating strategy and plans that go far beyond anything that the organization ever expected, with the whole team feeling energized and empowered to do amazing work – knowing that we are making a real difference. I am helping people who are from and located in different countries, develop strategies and ways of working that allow them to be super-efficient and deliver high quality work. I am empowering, coaching and leading people to be their best selves and simplifying global channels of communication for speed, efficiency and excellence.   As the teams become clear in what they need to do and how, they become confident in themselves and in each other. Wastage and timely, costly mistakes are history. And the ‘magic’ begins.

I believe this approach is fundamental to how organizations within the region will continue to thrive – especially as teams become leaner and external challenges increase - as we all respond to global market shifts, ever demanding customer expectations, evolving mind-sets and greater choice.

H: What do you get up to outside of work?

J:  I am increasingly drawn to teams and groups of strong women who are creating great things and I’ve recently offered some goal setting sessions with ladies here, based around the work I did myself before moving to Dubai.  This has been just been ‘for fun’.  However, it has been moving and inspiring to see what incredible insights can come out of even just one session.  This has inspired me to continue to practice and develop these skills, in tandem alongside my career.  If I can bring these skills into the workplace, for the benefit of teams, individuals and businesses, that would be awesome. 

I am also so happy that I am able to continue to run and meditate on the beach before work, and have some flexibility to leave a little early on Tuesday to go sailing and help out with Sailability at times too.  I am also able to attend key Dubai Women’s Chamber and Ellevate events, which are advantageous for work and personally fulfilling in equal measure. This helps to balance work and life - I feel highly energized and inspired, which I am able to give back to my work. 

H: And finally, what challenges have you met with whilst looking for work?

J: I am still relatively new to the region and am now establishing deeper and high value networks and groups, having spread myself more thinly initially. Here it takes time to research, connect, have coffee, follow-up, with each potential connection which may or may not lead to the most helpful connection, and so on. I was talking with an Australian friend, male, who was telling me I need to apply to more jobs, no matter if I don’t have every criteria listed on the job spec.  I am realizing the need to hustle - and keep going.  Ultimately, it just takes one person or company who is looking for and / or needs what is being offered and it can be done - with ideally a lovely sprinkling of fabulous luck and perfect timing!

Posted: March 25, 2018



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