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Hopscotch Hires - December

Do you have what it takes to be a Hopscotch Star Candidate?  Our Hopscotch Hire of the month is precisely that - someone who's been out of work for a little while, but with all the drive and passion to find that dream role.  We take a moment to delve into their story on a monthly basis, giving them an extra push forwards into the world of work.  

This month, it's the turn of Juliette, mum of one with a strong HR/Recruitment background.  With a love of travel and a resolute attitude, we are sure she's destined for great things here in Dubai; here's her story so far:

Hopscotch: Tell us a bit about your background and what led you here to Dubai.

Juliette: My husband was offered a job here in Dubai out of the blue and after giving it some thought, we decided to take a chance and move over to the Middle East from rainy London. To be completely honest I found it hard in the beginning, as I had to quit a job I loved, working as an Internal Recruitment Manager. I was however determined to make the best of this opportunity and move my career to the next level.

I had previously worked for a multi-national Recruitment company setting up three of their offices Germany. The role was very multi faceted, which allowed me to grow professionally and improve my skills in different areas, such as Recruitment, HR and even Office Management at times. I became somewhat of a traveller, flying between UK and Germany on a weekly basis. The role was one I enjoyed immensely, as although I ended up working 15 hour day most days, I worked very independently and watching the offices I built from scratch grow and thrive, was extremely rewarding.

H: So what would your 'dream job' look like?

J: Dream jobs are hard to come by, but if I had to describe mine, I think I would have to say I would like something multi dimensional. I enjoying different tasks, learning new ones and refining the old, such as managing stakeholders and headhunting others. I would also like to, if possible, be able to incorporate my German and French skills into the role, although this is a secondary wish. Since moving here I have also had a little boy, so some degree of flexibility in the working hours would always be much appreciated!

H: What challenges have you met with whilst looking for work?

J: Finding the right kind of role has not always come easy to me, as growth and career development are important to me and not every company is able to offer these. I am however a firm believer in perseverance and that eventually the right role will come along, as long as you keep at it. 

H: Why do you want to work and what difference would it make to you?

Being on Maternity leave has been a great experience for me, but work has always been a big part of my life and I am more that ready to get back in the saddle. There are so many great opportunities of here and I can't wait to find the right one for me.

If you would like to be considered as a Hopscotch Hire of the month, please get in touch with us by commenting below.  Thank you!

Posted: December 24, 2017



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