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Hopscotch Hires: February

Welcome to February's Hopscotch Hires!  For regulars, you'll know this is the space where we get to shout about the wealth of talent we have at our fingertips here at Hopscotch.  This month, we introduce a lady who never fails to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons: Sumiah.  A former Los Angeles resident, fluent in Arabic, mother of two and a fashion force to be reckoned with, Sumi is looking for a role in luxury fashion.  Here's her beautifully written story:

"Hello! My name is Sumiah Mohamed Aduib.

 Sometimes I go by Sumiah bint Jamila, (Sumiah daughter of Jamila) not because my father isn’t a King, but moreso because my mother is a fierce force to be reckoned with – and groomed me as such.

When people ask me ‘what do you do?’.  I take a deep breath (that I pray they cannot detect) and confidently say: “I’M A MOM.”

The person in front of me either flinches (usually career-driven female that thought we were birds from the same feather) or smiles warmly (usually another mom), or smiles awkwardly (cause they don’t know how to respond). Sometimes my answer comes out lightheartedly. Other times it comes out almost like a punch to the gut. It all depends on how I’m feeling that week and if my productivity level has reached a sufficient (i.e. ridiculous) standard set by society and myself … for myself.

So there you go. I’m a mom. A mother. أم.  To two of the most precious, rambunctious, thoughtful, fearless, considerate, and innocently demanding children. I waited nearly eight years to have them. After marriage, I worked to complete my undergrad in Journalism; a perfect career for someone who loves to talk, ask, listen and write.

For eight years, not only did I report, but experimented in a plethora of jobs offered to me through my unique networking capabilities in Los Angeles, California (home for 13 years of my life).

I managed a women’s-only gym, its entire staff and 600+ bourgeois members dripping in from the poshest, most exclusive neighborhoods in LA. I edited textbooks and helped implement entire Arabic Language curriculums in private schools throughout the country, edited scripts, edited resumes, was a ghostwriter for bloggers and even a matchmaking site. I perfected my sales pitch at a trendy housewares retail shop where and reported for the local paper.  

Anything I attempted, I threw my whole self into it. I’d become it. Breathe it and sleep it.

Hence holding off on family life. I loved being a work-horse. I was curious and excelled at everything I attempted. But once my first pregnancy belly began to swell, I started asking myself if working full-time on someone else’s schedule was what I envisioned for myself. Tight schedules. Limited time off. Brief maternity leave. All this left me craving a slower pace, and a work schedule that was managed by moi for moi.

Working for me has always symbolized two things: freedom and structure.  Freedom in the financial sense (I believe a woman should always have an independent pool of money regardless of her status).  And structure because it helped direct and discipline my existence.

So transitioning to private styling was a very natural move for me.

I have an uncanny ability to dress others in unique and attractive ways, ways they never thought of that help bring a twinkle to their eye and a pep to their step. I became my own boss, chiseling out my own work-week with my clients, charging and billing independently, and most importantly, managing my own time and work load. This offered me the perfect balance to being a creative, working mother.

Although private styling in LA and Abu Dhabi have proven to be fantastically different experiences (my ability to speak Arabic fluently and understand the culture intimately has gotten me far), the core of the work still remains; helping to transform the client to be their best version for themselves – and for the world to see.

I adore private styling and imagine that working in luxury retail in Abu Dhabi would be an extension of such a unique craft. To excitedly aid clients in envisioning how to incorporate trendy pieces, classic elements, unexpected silhouettes and rare textures into their everyday wardrobe is a strength I possess that would fit effortlessly into luxury retail in the Mecca of all luxury retail – Emirates."

Posted: February 11, 2018



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