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Hopscotch Hires: January

"Hi, my name is Zeina and I am embarking on a new phase in my life and career adventure."

Here's how many of the applications and emails we receive at Hopscotch start.  And when a stand out candidate hits our Inbox with a compelling story and  to-die-for CV, we make them our star pick; our Hopscotch Hire of the month.  For January, our choice is Zeina; a and Beirut born and bred technology whizz, MBA and certified career coach.  Here's why we think she deserves a chance to further her career in 2018:

"I moved to Dubai five years ago carrying with me over a decade of software development and project management experience, a fresh MBA, and a whole lot of career goals for success, growth and exposure. I wanted to advance my career to a whole new level; and Dubai indeed honored my expectations. Today, I’m totally in love with this cosmopolitan city and I cherish the openness and opportunities it offers for everyone.

Looking back, this move was a huge leap of faith for me but I was simply eager to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the unknown, both personally and professionally. Although I had never set foot in UAE before, I moved from Beirut to Dubai to seize an opportunity.  Previously, I was managing and developing software projects and solutions. In Dubai, I switched to the business side of technology, through managing IT financials, contracts and suppliers, and later on, IT procurement. Along this, I continued my personal development by getting PMP certified and started my personal coaching certification.

Like most adventures, mine had its share of challenges. The workload, the tight deadlines and pressure were at times difficult and exhausting. However, the work scope, exposure and diversity I have experienced in Dubai, whether at work or broader made it worth it and has added a whole new dimension to my career and overall professional experience. I feel these were all lessons that have prepared me to start a new phase of my adventure.

Currently, I find myself again at the doorstep of another significant change and new challenge. I have worn many hats in the technology business and now aspire for a more focused path. I want to utilize my diverse knowledge and experience in management and IT to create a career that bridges business and technology. I want to be in an organization and industry that is technology driven and technology savvy. Furthermore, I’m looking for a company culture where I would be recognized holistically both as a professional as well as a  person who has the potential and flexibility to adapt to and explore change, can grow with the business and has a good sense for people."

If you'd like to be considered as a Hopscotch Hire, sign up and submit your information at  Good luck!

Posted: January 17, 2018



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