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Hopscotch Hires: September

With thousands of women as part of our community, it can be tough to pick just one to feature as our Star Candidate on a monthly basis.  We work with professional women at all stages of their career and with all backgrounds, but this month's Hopscotch Hire has a slightly alternative story to tell, with not just a switch in location but also in her career as part of her quest.

This month's Hopscotch Hire is Gaby S, who has a truly inspiring and remarkable story to tell!:

"I moved to Dubai in August 2015 with my husband, who got a job in the city. We had been married for just a few months when we decided to embrace this opportunity together. Although this decision came with a number of challenges, it also came with the opportunity to reinvent myself in a professional level, allowing me to turn my passion for writing into a profession.  

Before coming to Dubai, I had a settled job as a Junior Associate in a well-renowned Law Firm in Mexico. I was a litigation lawyer focused on defending citizens from acts of government. However, due to the fact that I can’t do litigation law in Dubai because I’m educated under a different legal system, I had to look for a new professional path. This reality left me with two choices: work as a corporate lawyer -which I’ve never liked- or look for something else. So my first challenge was to   look for something else.  It was this decision that led me to the second challenge: figuring out what I wanted to do!

Trying to answer that question took me back to when I was 17-18 years old, and I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life. I always wanted to be a journalist/writer, but the intellectual preparation that law requires always attracted me. So, when the decision had to be made, I decided to be a lawyer. Nevertheless, I would often wonder what would have happened if I had decided otherwise.  Being faced with that same question again, I decided this was my opportunity to try it: I would take a chance at pursuing a career in writing. However, this decision came with a lot of “what if?” questions: “What if I regret it? What if I make a mistake? What if I never find a job in my new career? What if this is a huge mistake and I end up wasting my time?”

These daunting questions could honestly discourage anyone!

But, after getting just enough courage to overcome the fear these questions raised, I decided to take action and ask for help, since it became obvious to me that I couldn’t start my new career alone. This help came from Hopscotch’s One-2-One training program with Archana.

Her guidance was crucial. She helped me realized that I could transfer most of my technical skills and soft skills acquired as a lawyer to my new chosen career, such as writing, researching, organizing deadlines, advising clients, and so on. She also instructed me on how to network, how to develop a convincing elevating pitch and how to approach people when looking for opportunities. As a result, I gained my confidence back, which is just what I needed to start looking for opportunities in Dubai.

 So far, I have created my own blog ( and I do bi-weekly publications for a Mexican law magazine as well as for an international travel magazine focused on tourism across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  I am also part of the UN Women's Empowerment Taskforce media team, and I cover topics like culture, travel, lifestyle and law in a freelance capacity.

My dream job, however, would be to become a settled writer in Dubai, doing various collaborations with magazines and companies that could benefit from my writing and researching abilities.  I’ve always liked writing to influence people with my thoughts, experiences and other people’s thoughts and ideas. Doing this would change my life - I'd be doing what I like the most as a profession in one of the most dynamic and interesting cities in the world."

Posted: September 19, 2017



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