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Hopscotch Hires - Shirley Stitt

3 minute read.  Welcome to August's Hopscotch Hires! As many of you know this is where we get a chance to highlight an outstanding Candidate that we know you want to hire...

This month we introduce Shirley Stitt, an event specialist and customer services specialist; you can find her story below:

Hopscotch: Hi Shirley! Tell us a bit about what led you to Dubai?

Shirley: I've been living in the UAE now for 4 years and moved here with my husband when he was offered a position in Dubai. I ran my own events company in Ireland and it was my love, my passion and a total joy to wake up to in the morning knowing that I would be doing a job I loved. When we immigrated I was very sad to leave it behind. I was employed almost immediately when we came to Dubai and worked as a customer service manager for a loyalty management company. That job ended at the beginning of this year so now I spend my time sitting by the pool, having my nails done and drinking my weight in coffee... As you can imagine I am really bored and desperate to get back to work!  

H: Describe your dream job?

S: My dream job is one that would allow me to utilize my communication and customer service skills, whether it is within the events industry or a customer relations positions. I've discover over the years that one of my key strengths is interacting with people and customers, and being able to solve their problems quickly and efficiently. I love being able to interact with people and sell a product or service I truly believe in.

H: What challenges have you met with whilst looking for work?

S: I've recently discovered that looking for work here in Dubai is like having a full time job! However with no pay, medical or perks. There is work out there but lots of supply. It has been difficult to try and make my CV stand out from the crowd. 

H: Why do you want to work and how would it change your life?

S: I love working and I love Dubai, I found when working here my life was more interesting and my social life and interaction with work colleagues and customers was greater than it is now. 



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