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Hopscotch Hotshots: December

We love it when a plan comes together, and since launch last April that has been the case for over 500 women – whether via placements, job roles or training opportunities through us.  Hopscotch Hotshots is our way of saying ‘high five’ to one of those candidates each month; celebrating a woman with a positive story to tell who’s now well on her way in her new job with a little bit of initial help from yours truly.

This month’s Hotshot is Selin, who has a varied and quite niche background across multiple disciplines.  Here she tells us how Hopscotch found her the role she'd been waiting for...

"Hi!  My name is Selin Piskiner and, honestly, I’ve got one of the hardest profiles to understand because it is totally non-linear!

I’m a digital strategist and business developer with a strong foundation in marketing analytics and I've worked in multi-cultural environments (Milan, Dubai and İstanbul) and taught “digital media planning" courses at İzmir University of Economics.  My interest areas include AI, big data, IoT, Integrated Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation, AR and VR.

Finding a job never depends on how good a profile you’ve got; it's 50% whether your profile finds the person that's interested and the relevance of your profile to that open job position and 50% how you present yourself and your background. So my biggest challenge was to reach the right person searching for my qualifications.

In order to be successful in today’s world you can’t just focus and be an expert on one thing. If you do that, you can’t be a director/manager.  Employers have to see the opportunities behind your experience and Hopscotch was one of the companies I’ve met that has this foresight and vision. They have a great understanding of what qualities their clients need and more importantly “for what reason“?  so that they can provide time saving for both of  sides in this searching period. Apart from that I was really impressed that I found a company that sources freelance opportunities for professional women around the world.

When my current role with Naseba was proposed to me, I wasn’t actually searching for work but the opportunity was so interesting that I wanted to try it.  However, I know how that period of searching for a job can be as I was in that situation a long time ago.  I'm now working with a company that has great values and vision as Digital Manager, thanks to Hopscotch. I believe we’ll achieve great things with Naseba and be the first model of the perfectly digital transformed company in the world. In addition, I’m also working on a volunteer start-up project about disabled people in Dubai in my spare time.

Simply, my job is to optimise; from optimising marketing flows to optimising the usage of technologies within the company and finally opimising for better ROI. This way of thinking made a lot of differences in my life as I can also start optimising the quality of my life in terms of both my physical and social activities and optimising for my most efficient effort in my professional life.

For those looking for their dream job, I would say make your objectives as simple and clear as possible so that people can understand your journey and where you would like to get to. Moreover, working with companies like Hopscotch will help them to be in front of the right person at the right time."

Posted: December 2, 2017



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