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Hopscotch Hotshots in March: Junhui Huang

4-min read. Our Hopscotch Hotshot this month is Junhui Huang, Manager, Keystone Tutors. A woman with a passion for education, Jun has always been connected to the world of learning. With a BSc in MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics) from the University of Warwick and an MSc in Business Analytics & Consulting at Warwick Business School, Jun joined a multinational bank in the UK and worked there for four years before making the switch back to learning and teaching – she joined up for PGCE at the University of Leicester, during which she taught Mathematics at secondary school level and also privately as a tutor. She has also taught basic Mandarin for adults. 

When Jun is not running after her children, she is often chasing tennis balls on court, shopping or eating. She has a soft spot for scones, muffins and waffles with ice cream! Here’s how Hopscotch managed to help Jun in her time of need. 

Starting out in the UK

I moved back to Singapore in mid-2017, after having worked in the UK for seven years. I initially worked for a large international bank, but I later went back to University to get my Post-graduate Certificate in Education. I enjoyed teaching and tutoring for a couple of years but decided to move back home with my husband and two young children as I missed my family and wanted my children to grow up in a bilingual environment. 

Moving back to Singapore turned out to be a much bigger challenge for me and my husband than for our children – the children soon settled into new nurseries and made friends quickly, while the adults had to figure out all the logistics and get used to a different lifestyle, way and pace of life!  


Challenges in getting started 

My only work experience in Singapore before 2017 was relief teaching between my A levels and University. So, even though I applied for several jobs, I often never heard back from them. This was very disappointing. 

Wanting to focus my efforts on my family but still pursue a career, I concentrated on applying for civil service jobs which seemed to promote family friendly policies, in line with my priorities. However, I soon realised that the structural aspects of civil service work were not a good fit for me and started my job hunt again. In the general job market, it was difficult to seek out jobs and employers that provided the work-life balance and job satisfaction that I was seeking. Just as I was about to give up the search and switch to freelance tutoring, I came across an intriguing job posting on LinkedIn which brought me to Hopscotch.  


Hopscotch to the rescue 

The job posting I came across clearly stated flexibility. I had some reservations initially, but Pearlie from Hopscotch was very helpful in providing me with lots of information, thoroughly ascertaining my fit to the job, and also reassuring me about the flexibility of the role. My first telephone interview was set up within five days of my first contact with Pearlie, and while there were some availability issues when setting up a second face-to-face interview, Justin stepped in and really got both sides together to see the potential of the fit and to make it happen. Before and after my third and final online interview, Pearlie and Justin both made themselves readily available for any queries – they were really encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process, and very honest with me about any potential limitations that I needed to work through with Keystone Tutors, which I greatly appreciated. Justin also personally assisted with closing the signing of the employment contract with lots of to-ing and fro-ing of emails and I genuinely felt that I was in safe hands, that he really knew Keystone Tutors and how good the fit between myself and the job would be.  


The work scenario 

As I write this, I have just completed my second week at Keystone Tutors and I have enjoyed every day of it. I have a lovely mentor, Harriet in Singapore, who genuinely looks after and looks out for me on a daily basis. I have amazing directors in the UK, who make sure I have the necessary equipment and information and are always ready to provide me with advice as I require. I also have lovely colleagues in Hong Kong and China who share their tips with me, and a whole bunch of fun, helpful colleagues in the UK office who are always ready to help and share. All this runs alongside what is a really satisfying job role – helping parents support their children in achieving their academic potential, fueling their intellectual curiosity through professional, one-to-one tutoring that personalises the learning experience for each and every child, making learning a truly enjoyable and enriching experience. Thank you Hopscotch for your instrumental role in linking me up with Keystone Tutors!  

A piece of advice to others looking to find work

Don’t give up on finding that piece of cake that you want and enjoy eating it when you do! 



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