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How to create a CV that will be hard to ignore!

A CV is one of the most crucial component of securing your dream job. Your CV is essentially the first impression you give the hiring manager which is why it’s so imperative to ensure that it really represents you the best. In order to do so, you will have to create a immaculate CV that will reflect what you want it to in as little as one to two pages. There are a few key components to keep in mind when creating your CV; adding all the key information, stick to a good layout, keep it visually appealing, and always tweak your CV for different jobs. We will be discussing these points in detail below.

There will always be key information that should be consistent in your CV, which you can find below:


1.     Your Name

2.     Your contact details; a mobile number and email address

3.     Your education

4.     Your experience

5.     Your current title and company, your previous title and company, and your start and end dates

However, a key point to always remember is the information your CV will contain always changes depending on the regional requirements you will have to include. For example, in the U.A.E it’s important to mention your visa status, your gender and your nationality whereas in countries like U.K. you shouldn’t disclose your gender. It is also common for applicants in the Middle East to include a passport size photo, however this isn't common in other counties. Also, the role you are applying for can change the requirements of your CV. P.s: If you are adding a passport size photo, ensure it is professional and not a snapchat selfie (Yup, That's a thing!).

The layout of your CV plays a key role in how effective your CV is, as you only have 6 seconds on average to gain the interest of the recruiter. You would want all your important information to be towards the top of the page; which is what makes a summary important. As you are summarizing the most important part of your CV into a few sentences to ensure the hiring manager is interested enough to continue reviewing your information. Try to be original with the summary you provide as hiring managers review several applications and would be able to easily spot a format extracted from the internet. Furthermore keep all important information right at the top such as your experience and key skills.    

We would recommend tweaking your CV to the job you are applying to. If they are looking for certain experience or characteristics, you should try to highlight these in your past experiences by adding targets achieved or tasks accomplished in your prior roles. You want to give the hiring managers exactly what they are looking for to increase your chances of being hired! 

Your CV should be visually appealing to look at and catch the eye of the recruiter, you can utilize many different layouts and themes in your CV style and create your own personal brand but be sure to keep your industry in mind when creating it; we would stay away from bright colours and graphics if you are a banker or a lawyer for example! This layout would be apt for someone in a creative field. There are many websites or applications available online that can help you find a great layout including Microsoft Word! Our personal fave is Canva, which has a wide variety of free layouts to use! 



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