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Returning to Work: Setting up for Success with Nestlé & PCA

4 minute read. On October the 3rd, we held our ‘Returning to Work: Setting up for Success with Nestle & PCA’ Free Workshop for 60 Women in The Rove – Marina. We partnered with Nestlé and PCA for this exclusive workshop. Nestlé are working towards empowering women and creating a gender balance in the workforce. In their company, 37.5% Leadership positions are held by women and 30% have a Senior Leadership position. They have put forth various goals till 2020 to accomplish this. PCA are award winning experiential trainers based in London who created interactive training sessions for the women to get involved and learn experience-based information.  

It was a busy morning for all the ladies as we had a packed schedule aimed at equipping them with Networking and Interviewing Core Skills. Our day began at 8:30AM, where women started to flow in for registration. We had a wonderful breakfast spread waiting for them with something for everyone. There were croissants, breakfast sandwiches, fruits and parfait as well as a selection of hot drinks, fruit juice and flavored water. 

At 9 AM sharp, we commenced our session with a quick introduction of the Hopscotch Team, Nestlé Team and the PCA team who flew down from London. We began with a quick ice breaker session where the attendees were encouraged to introduce themselves to one another. This was followed by a Networking interactive session where the PCA team provided many real-life examples of the do’s and don’ts of networking. This was followed by a quick networking break where we had a quick lunch waiting for the women. You can see the spread below!

After the networking break, the attendees were split into two groups where they were going to learn about interview skills in an interactive manner. To wrap up the eventful day, we had a Q&A session with the Nestle Team, where we had members from the Talent Acquisition team and the Spokesperson. This was the perfect opportunity for the women to ask specific questions and gain the insight of company. It was of high value as the women were able to understand how companies go through their recruitment process and how they would, as applicants, be able to ensure that they stand out. This included understanding how to highlight all their experience and the gap in their CV.

Our goal was to give the women a platform to learn, up-skill and network to find their foot in the process of getting back into the workplace, which we are happy to say we did! Many of the women left

feeling like they were better prepared to find a job. They had the opportunity to build their confidence and their skills to do just so!  

We aim to provide many workshops and events where women will find a platform to network and gain skills to help them make their comeback into the workplace. Head over to our Events Page or our Job Board to see what we have in store! 



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