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Where Work Dates and Play Dates Don't Compete

5-min read. Being a parent is no easy task. One has to constantly respond to children’s needs, take care of the family as well as be on top of work requirements – literally be in multiple places, fulfilling multiple roles, at the same time. This is where Singapore-based Trehaus stepped in with a unique solution: a co-working space with a creche on the premises. It created a space where working parents can pursue their careers as well as make family their priority; where they can witness their child’s every milestone even while at work; where work dates and play dates don’t have to compete any more.

Over and above being a family-friendly co-working space, Trehaus intends to empower parents, provide them with a network of like-minded individuals to connect and learn from and bring about a social change where people have the ability to follow their purpose and build their careers while watching their little ones achieve their own little successes. 

Here’s what Elizabeth Wu, Co-founder and COO of Trehaus has to say: 

Hopscotch: What is the idea behind Trehaus and how did you think of it? 

Elizabeth: Trehaus came about because my co-founders and I were all at this particular stage in our motherhood journey of wanting to be present and involved in raising our children, especially during their formative years, while also pursuing a career. We are seeing a whole generation of parents recognising the importance of spending time with their children, yet most of today's workplace environments do not provide the ability to do so. Increasingly, we are also seeing a whole generation of millennials place value on work-life integration. And so, we came up with a solution to this problem and started Trehaus.

H: How is Trehaus different from other co-working spaces in Singapore? 

Elizabeth: Trehaus is the first of its kind in Asia—it’s a co-working space with an adjoining kids’ area that provides childminding and kids enrichment. We are creating an exciting start-up with the goal of disrupting the workplace environment and creating social impact by changing the very landscape of the workplace. Trehaus is divided into a work zone where adults can work, with options like hot-desking, renting a semi-private desk or an office; a common zone where children (those engaged in self-directed activities or are quiet) and adults can hang out, and a play and atelier zone where free play and loosely structured activities like storytelling, singalong, sensorial play and art and craft happen. 

H: You have men and women using the space – how different are their experiences? 

Elizabeth: I think as long as you come here as a working parent with young children, both men and women – dads and moms alike – are glad for the temporal space and reprieve to get things done productively while knowing and seeing in front of their eyes, that their children are being well taken care of. 

H: What are your future plans for Trehaus? 

Elizabeth: We want to grow to become a global brand – we are planning on launching a flagship during the second quarter of 2019. We are also launching a preschool childcare plus co-working model and hope to become a part of a global initiative that changes the working landscape and the future of early education.

H: Managing work-life balance – what are your top three tips? 

Elizabeth: Priorities, purpose, possibilities. Manage your priorities, get clarity on your purpose, and be open to possibilities regarding your work and life or family.



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